New Truck

So have bought a new 4WD!
2006 Nissan Patrol GUII TD4.2Ti Ute (Coil)
The last year the 4.2L Patrol was produced.

New_Patrol_BL New_Patrol_BL

Basically a power house 2 seat ute that can (will be able to) go anywhere, tow/carry anything and last for ever.
I have spent far more money purchasing this than I would have ever thought I would spend at my age but I found the car on Carsales and couldn’t take my eyes off it. My decision with this brand and model is based on quite a few facts and knowledge that I have acquired being in the 4WD club that I am in (The Motley Crew).
The Nissan Patrol has proved itself as a 4×4. The Patrol drive train is the strongest for the vehicle type available (less breakage in the Patrol vs Landcruiser under extreme conditions). The 4.2 is known as an extremely reliable engine and with good maintenance people have done over 1 Million K’s without an engine replacement.

While maintenance and fuel are likely to be an increased expenditure over a cheaper more modern 4WD I feel the likeliness I will hold onto this vehicle for 10+ years (depending on circumstances) will mean value for money in the long term. The resale value on these vehicles as proved by my purchase is due to the Ute’s being made with 3L from 2007 on and the reliability factor means I should loose less money over the life of the vehicle if maintained well.

I have many plans for this vehicle to make it a very capable 4WD and comfortable tourer. Some of these will include lift, mud tyres, winch, battery system, water tank and canopy just to name a few.
Progress and updates of the cars build will be posted here over time.

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