Hydrogen (HHO) Fuel Mixture

On-board hydrogen generation, water powered fuel saving applied to the air intake air to increase power, fuel economy and decreasing emissions in a combustion engine.
I first heard about this at Ballina when someone at a camp ground had hydrogen injection (additive) system in his Diesel GQ patrol. He stated that he was getting I think 20 – 30% better fuel economy with it.
Sounded cool so I investigated. I was sceptical and more so after reading everyone online saying its all bullshit but the few people that have done this are reporting 5 – 40% fuel economy gain and better power. The argument against is that it takes just as much energy (12 volt power) to split the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen as it produces energy in the engine. This argument seemed valid from my reading/understanding the law of conservation of energy. But the proof is in the pudding as they say so I investigated further.
While the energy output from the combustion may not be more than the energy used in its production. It would seem that the increase in energy comes from the increased efficiency of the burning of a hydrocarbon (diesel). The reading I have done indicates that the small amount of hydrogen that is highly explosive assists the burning of the diesel that is less so. In turn you get less fuel used to create the same or more explosive power inside the cylinder and more particulate matter is burnt off.
Now its my turn, I am investigating purchasing one of these systems ready to go or building my own. I do not plan on spending ridiculous amounts of money in case the return on investment is not suitable.
If anyone has any experience with this stuff or information please get in touch with me.
When I get around to this I plan on detailing it and conducting some thorough controlled experiments. I will be happy to admit failure when I can prove to myself that this isn’t the case.
Here are peer-reviewed articles that have scientifically tested and detailed this:
Diesel&HRG (http://www.scientificbulletin.upb.ro/rev_docs/arhiva/rez35337.pdf)
HydrogenGenerationInjection (http://www.hho2u.com/uploads/Jet_Propulsion_Lab.pdf)

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